Moving WinTax to a new computer

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Assuming your system will be installed at c:\wtaxpro


1.Install the WinTax 30-day evaluation version from the internet on your new computer using the link below:



Using a USB flash drive:


- Copy the license file (c:\wtaxpro\app.cfg) from old computer to new computer

- Copy the latest information (c:\wtaxpro\data\*.*) from old computer to new computer

- Copy the backup files (c:\wtaxpro\backup\*.*) from old computer to new computer


1. Copy C:\wtaxpro and all its sub folders and files (from old computer) to the C: Drive of the new computer (using a USB flash drive)

   - On the new computer the setup should look like c:\wtaxpro

2. On the new computer, install the following WinTax system files:

3. Create a desktop icon/shortcut on the new computer.


  - While on the desktop, click the right mouse and choose 'NEW shortcut'.

  - Enter or browse for C:\wtaxpro\wintax.exe

  - Click Next or Finish to create the shortcut.