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Current WinTax version: 2014.1.8  (Feb. 27, 2014)

Download WinTax version 2014.1.8 update

Version 2014.1.8
- Fix T4 PPIP box not printing the 1st time.

Version 2014.1.3-2014.1.7
- 2013 T4, T4 Summary
- 2013 T4 XML (electronic file)
- 2013 RL1, RL1 Summary Report
- 2013 RL1 XML (electronic file)

Version 2014.1.1-2014.1.2
- January 2014 tax tables
- option to Email pay statement from 'Calculation' view screen
   - Add email address to employee information screen
   - Add default email information to 'Company setup' screen
- option to not print Fed/Prov claim amounts on pay statement ('Cheque Design' screen)
- Fix Quebec Remittance report - exclude 'non-taxable' items from CSST and FSS calculation


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