Converting Payroll Information

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Converting Payroll Information

If it is not the start of a new year when you start using WinTax Pro payroll software, you might want to convert the payroll information you have already to WinTax Pro. By converting the data, you will need only to issue one T4 per employee at year-end, and the employee will be able to see the year-to-date totals of the full year. The other important thing is that it will insure that CPP/EI deductions will not exceed the maximums for the year.


There are two options you can select:

1. Convert only the year-to-date totals of the pre-WinTax payroll information.

   - You only have to create a year-to-date adjustment record per employee, including terminated employee. Refer to the Creating YTD Adjustment Records section.


2. Convert all details of every payroll record of the pre-WinTax payroll information.

   - You have to create every single pay that you have processed during the current year.

   - Because every payroll software you used before would have slightly different results than WinTax, you will need create adjustment records for every pay per employee or just one adjustment record per employee to correct the year-to-date amounts.


Frequently Asked Questions:


hmtoggle_plus1My payroll information has only one tax amount for Federal and Provincial combined?