Creating YTD Adjustment Records

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Creating YTD Adjustment Records

For each employee, you can create an adjustment record to change the year-to-date amounts as of any cheque date.


To convert payroll information from another payroll system to WinTax during the year, you can create adjustment records with a cheque date before the 1st WinTax generated pay.


To create an adjustment record for an employee:


- Select tax year (Ex. 2020)

- Select employee

- Use the 'Manual Adj' function (or from the 'Maintenance' menu on the toolbar).

- Click 'NEW' to create adjustment record and select your desired date for pay period and cheque date.

- On the 1st column, look for the item you want to adjust

- Type the adjustment amount (plus or minus) on the next column. Note that the YTD column will reflect the year-to-date amount as of the cheque date.