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ArtSoft Inc, NS

Art Fenerty     Business: Computer Programming     www.machsupport.com

WinTax has helped me since I was a startup business 4 years ago, I have used it from start revenues of less than 50K per year to over 600K per year. It has grown with me and I rely on it for all my calculations for Revenue Canada payments.

I was audited last year by Revenue Canada and was found to have no issues with the accounting I provided on the payroll side..all generated with WinTax. If your starting a company and dont want the hassles of tax tables and unknown calculations WinTax is a proven solution. Lowers the stress at tax audit time as well.

I have had only one error in form generation which the company fixed immediately with no delays in communication. I was very pleased with their support.

I have found Wintax to be a great asset in my business.

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