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WinTax Pro Users - Ontario  
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SATYARAM Enterprises Limited, ON

James Cosentino     Business: Health and Education     www.satyaram.com

I was exceedingly happy to have found WinTax approximately five years ago. In the search to locate appropriate payroll software for my business, I encountered numerous programs that were prohibitively expensive or intimidatingly complicated. In addition, most were attached to accounting programs which my company did not require.

WinTax provided an excellent solution to our payroll needs. Not only was it an entirely suitable, inexpensive, stand-alone program, it was incredibly simple to use. I could set up WinTax in minutes, and my first payroll took almost no time to complete. In addition, I was sure to have the most up-to-date Canadian payroll tables through the update feature of WinTax.

Finally, since that initial installation, I have been utterly impressed when I have contacted the company for support. Responses to my queries have come very quickly and have always addressed whatever issue I had. I have no hesitation recommending WinTax to any business owner, small or large. WinTax makes something as potentially troublesome as payroll very easy to complete, providing the insurance it is completed with perfect figures.

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